PPSC Forensic Services Division

It's becoming fairly commonplace to hear news accounts of old, seemingly unsolvable murders being brought forward to justice. Emerging forensic technology is often credited with breaking these "cold" cases. However, rapid technological advances have often outpaced police awareness of how it might be brought to bear in solving cases. If the technology is available but the human interface with that technology is lacking, significant opportunities might be squandered.


As a result of the demand for this type of expertise, PPSC has joined forces with several retired homicide detectives.  Among this elite group there is over 125 years of aggregate experience in investigating over a thousand homicides, suspicious deaths, and officer involved shootings.  Many of these investigators are currently working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Bureau, reviewing cold case DNA and "latent print" homicides.  We also are affiliated with a fully accredited DNA lab that produces results much faster and less expensively than most labs do.


      Leading this extraordinary group of forensic specialists is renowned homicide and cold case detective, Michael Bumcrot. Detective Bumcrot  retired from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after serving 34 years, the last 22 years assigned to the Homicide Bureau. Shortly after retiring, he was signed to a contract by LASD Homicide Bureau to train Homicide Detectives and review unsolved cases.


        If you would like a “fresh pair of eyes” to look at any case, or if you think that a meeting would be useful to discuss your case, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. 

Phone: 877-267-7772  Ext. 5

E-Mail: cold-case@theppsc.org